Why didn’t I think of that?

How many  times have you said to yourself, “why didn’t I think of that?”. Well, it happened to me again last night. I’ve been hearing the buzz about the new iPic theatre in Scottsdale and decided to see for myself what everyone was talking about. Maybe you have already been there and done that…but for me it was a new and innovative concept. www.ipictheaters.com

The process was seamless! Order movie tickets on-line, reserve the seats that YOU choose. I didn’t have to arrive early, wait in line or find a seat…how nice is that? Upon arriving, we picked up our tickets at a kiosk and headed over to the lounge/restaurant.  No pressure! Enjoying a few appetizers and an adult beverage while waiting until the show (Bridesmaids) started.

There were people everywhere enjoying the atmosphere and ambiance, I thought to myself, “why didn’t I think of this”? I’ve done that often, i.e., Facebook, Gel Nail Polish, Reality TV, etc. etc.  A little too late and a dollar short!

Once in the theatre, we were welcomed by a server that brought us a menu, water and demonstrated how the enormous plush seats could fully recline which included a blanket and pillow.  Talk about service…this was by far first class! The cost was a little pricier than your average movie ticket but for that special night, it was well worth it.


So, today I’ve spent some time thinking about “what’s next”?  How many ideas do you have that you’re just to busy to pursue or just don’t have the confidence that you will be successful or that anyone will be interested????? Maybe you’re the one with the next latest and greatest technology or service…you’ll never know until you try (that’s what my Mom always told me). Please share your ideas, I would love to hear them. www.yourtitlegal.com

An idea that is not dangerous is unworthy of being called an idea at all.
Oscar Wilde

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  1. I love your blog idea. ipictheatrs.com, thank you for bringing that to us/me through this. I am definitely going to go check that out. I am doing some research for my “next big idea.” Today to try and get a step closer to my bid idea it involved tweeting Arizona foreclosures and you came up in the search. I love it! I love what you are doing with these resources ie. twitter facebook etc…
    My next big idea is in the works and I am in the process of birthing it out into fruition. It’s like you see in those cartoons when the characters are in a parade and they are all holding on to the strings holding down their floats. My idea is up in the air and I am in the process of pulling together all of the strings and one of those strings is maximizing these social media sites. I remember back in 2005, 2006 when I would get emails inviting me to a FACEBOOK class being held for Realtors at the title office. I thought , yes it makes sense and I need to go learn about it but not now I have this and that to be working on. And NOW I am sitting hear kicking myself in the a**!! for not getting off my rear and to learn all I could about it. All the people that did have these pretty nice size footprints of Real Estate out there. Like yourself. I’ve been a Real Estate agent in the Phoenix market since January 2000. I started working off a Net Branch license with Mortgages from 2004-2007. I had some excellent years through out that time but nothing like what is to come. This market we are in is brewing to make more millionaires over the next 5 years than it has ever in a decade spread. I need to pull in all the strings to my float and execute this plan of action I have for our market. Maybe you can help me out with directing me to some key Real Estate tweeters. I am following all the great advice I have picked up over the years and one is ” Wise men surround them selves with wise counselors.” another not so philosophical and it states, “birds of a feather flock together”. This is one of my steps and that is to flock together with some of the sharpest minds here in Real Estate. I am looking for the sharpest minds in Real Estate to follow and I just got started on this project today. I was using tweets for inspirational spiritual tweets and I have decided to include finding the finest of the finest in Real Estate. If you can suggest any bright talent my way I will be grateful! Thank you. Once my idea get’s out into a business name I will be back here to share it with you as well as see if your title services can be of any help to me. Sincerely. Scott Dattilo

    Off that topic, I saw another one of your blogs regarding NY. So do tell. Did you find out what all the hipe is about? You should have a conclusion blog to that question you were asking. Apparently not to many people were able to help you out there so you can have your conclusion letting us all know what you found.
    ~Scott Dattilo
    P.s I think I need to find a better tweet name???,,,oh well, .

    I tried to retype this from a version I completed and hit the back key and it went back a page erasing everything when I forwarded to this page again. So if it did not actually erase it and you got two similar responses this would be the competed one.

  2. Scott:
    Thank you for the great feedback! I’m looking forward to your idea! “Wise men surround them selves with wise counselors.” ~ One of my favorite quotes. I also surround myself with positive people and contagious energy…just maybe I can tap into it! NYC was amazing, thank you for asking. That’s one place that I don’t think you can get bored with. Have a great holiday weekend and again, thank you for the feedback!

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