Who Values You?

Have you heard of FaceTime?  It is video chatting on the iPad and I must admit, it is a great way to stay connected with friends and family, particularly those far away.   Why doesn’t everyone just move to Arizona?  Oh, maybe this explains it…


One of my best friends lives out of state and last night, she and I found some time to catch up via FaceTime.  We have known one another for many years, watched one another grow, and survived some really tough times – individually & together.

She hasn’t changed a bit – still extraordinarily hard working, intelligent, successful, and beautiful.  When looking at her, it is difficult to imagine that her life could be anything but wonderful.  In fact, in her own words, she said that life was great.

In the process of reminiscing and trying to catch up on all that is new, she shared that she was challenged with some major decisions.  I’m confident that every one of us has experienced this… personally, professionally, domestically, medically, spiritually, etc.  These moments are the “stuff” life is made of and define us.

Who can’t relate to have to make a big decision?  I remember almost two years ago, as I struggled with the opportunity to stretch myself and join Magnus Title Agency.  In hindsight, I absolutely made the right decision… but at the time, it wasn’t as obvious as it is today.

But what my friend shared with me next… well, all I can say is “wow”!  She talked about the #1 consideration by which she will be making her decisions… and she summed it up in one word, VALUE.  I wasn’t entirely clear what she was saying but she went on to explain some of her past decisions didn’t consider who VALUED HER the most.

WHOA – STOP!  I totally get this and have done the same.  Whether we are talking about our careers, relationships, friendships, businesses whom we patron, etc… I can definitely admit that I have allowed loyalty, obligation, guilt, or other concerns to outweigh this fundamental question, “Who values me the most?”

We are economically driven and all have “bills to pay” but VALUE isn’t always or only financial.  For example…

•    Does your employer consider your opinions, embrace your skills, respect your ethics, etc.?

•    Do your friends call to see how you’re doing or only when they need something?

•    Does your partner cherish your heart first and foremost?

By the way, this may explain why people are willing to do anything for their dogs.  I’ve never met somebody that questions whether or not their dogs value them!

Don’t all of us deserve to be valued in every facet of our lives?  And if we don’t demand it for ourselves, NOBODY will.

So I dedicate this to my dear friend, always.  I cannot thank you enough!  This epiphany, so simple yet so profound, has the ability to change lives.  While I will always wish you the best of luck… you don’t need it because you value yourself and therefore, your decisions will serve you (and everyone in your life) well.


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  1. You’re so right on Kim. In the past 2 years or so, I have deleted several people in my life because of this very reason. And have focused my time and energy on the positive, valuable relationships that bring positivity to my life. It makes for a much happier life. Not always easy to do (delete) but it will make life much better. I think we tend to do this more as we age, or MATURE, and realize life is just too short and too precious to not be spending it with the people and in a way we love most.

    Love this blog idea too!!! See ya

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