What Happens Here Stays Here…Classy or Trashy?

We’ve all heard “What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas”. I admit it, I started a Facebook profile many years ago. When I started it the only reason I did was because I had a 20 year old daughter. Just admit it, we all want to know what are kids are up to when they aren’t in the same room as us! Sometimes watching her profile and viewing her ever mounting friends add up made my heart cringe. NO she really didn’t post that picture did she, did she really say that??? Who is this person? Stop the madness! I’m not bagging on my daughter, disclaimer in case she happens to read this.

I really started to enjoy the interaction that I had with my friends. I knew what they had for dinner, where they were, what they did last weekend and who all of “our” mutual friends were. The world started to become VERY small. Of course those hideous pictures of me started popping up on your friends site, their friends site…….the appropriate term is “viral”, I like to think of it as a brush fire…someone put it out a.s.a.p. but to no avail!!!

This was my “personal” site,,, isn’t everyone entitled to a personal life? NOT on Facebook you aren’t. I know, I know… privacy settings but really how private are they?  If you’re all over the internet, privacy is a contradiction. I kept about 50 friends/family on my personal site, so I was able to say what I want, when I want and post what I want. Regardless of what you may think, I really do have bad days, even bad weeks, bad hair days…that’s right, I sure do! (Don’t judge!).

As the fire continues to burn, I realize that Facebook or any other form of social media (let’s not forget Google+)  is a great tool to not only stay in touch with people but to strengthen the relationships that you have.

That being said,, Facebook can also be detrimental to your personal and professional relationships. Misunderstandings, inappropriate comments, that picture of you from 1987 with your high school prom date!  I think we’ve all experienced it or maybe it’s just me? “true friends” don’t even have to talk anymore if there is a misunderstanding, argument,  just send a text message ….thank you Mr. Cell Phone for the courtesy text. I deleted my personal site for all of the above reasons… I’m out on drama (find a new friend… there are over 700 million friends on Facebook alone to chose from).

So, what do you think about Facebook, etc. classy or trashy? I see some updates, pictures, etc. and cringe. Friend requests: the real question is “why do you want to be my friend?”….voyeur, business, family, friends, competitor, or just because you’re a drama queen? Just curious. I know all of the above.

So where does the drama come to play…or is there any drama?? You’re in a relationship,, what’s your “status”, honey…why don’t you post it?? Who is that person you just accepted? Did you see their profile picture,, really? Why did you block me? Why don’t you comment on my posts? ……WOW this is starting to sound like a full time job. Do you really have to announce to the entire internet when you aren’t happy with a company’s service, etc.  Everyone makes mistakes once in awhile,, give that person/company the opportunity to own it and apologize. I’m in  a relationship, now I’m single, now it’s complicated, now I’m married! Jerry Springer live and in person!

I don’t know about you but I enjoy hearing your success stories, pictures of your family vacations, pets, positive news and negative – if it’s relevant. It’s all a matter of taste and this is mine.  In “Kim’s World”, everyone is positive even when you are having the worst day possible. The reason why is because someone else (including yours truly) may have had an even worse day than you…   …so let’s rally and cut the drama!

I LOVE social media and am confident it isn’t going away anytime soon… it’s only going to get more advanced. If you would like to know about me or our company feel free to ask… I enjoy the dialogue.  www.yourtitlegal.com.